čtvrtek 24. dubna 2014

ALIENS COMING UP - news on the table

Today arrived a great bust from Giorgos Tsougkouzidis. Just from pictures on the web I awaited a great sculpt. First miracle - delivery time: 3 days from Greece to Czech republic !!! Unbelievable!!! And then I unpacked the bust of Alien. Realy great sculpt and great casting from very good resin. The quality of casting is amazing. Only what you can see is very little mould line (very easy to remove it). The bust is a little bit bigger cca abour 160 mm without base and all in one piece casted. Second part is resin round   60/80 mm, (high 35 mm) base. The gas mask and parasit on back of the head are pretty good. Not sure about kind of parasit by painting - biological origin or mechanical origin. Only two problems I see by this bust: first one - the kind of base - resin or wood or bio/mechanical? And seconnd one : I hope, I don't damage this great sculpt with my painting. Please enjoy next pictuires of Giorgos Alien.

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