čtvrtek 1. května 2014

Prep of figure for 6. figure workshop

I am preparig the figure for 6. figure workshop in Golčův Jeníkov  (may 08.-11.2014). Great sculpt from Giorgos Tsougkouzidis, I becam a pair of days ago. Not many time spend with cleaning. The cast is really very good. First layer was black primer, second white primer. Then I spent really long time about skin color's tone. Asked my family too ( too much opinions of course :-) ). So finally I decided for human's skin tones mixed with ochre and decent light green. For basic skin's tones I used acrylic Andrea Color ochre (NAC-41) and Flash paint set base 2 with airbrush. 
Next steps are about gas mask - I thinking about cooper or bronze. And then parasit on back head. Not easy matter. Really. Or biological, or mechanical or biomechanical ??? That's  The Question!!!  So I¨ll see in the future :-). Please enjoy the followed pictures:


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